Natures Way of Vaccinating your Baby

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“A healthy inner ecosystem is when your baby’s intestines have the proper balance of beneficial microflora (good bacteria and beneficial yeast). Microflora play an important role in conquering pathogenic viruses, bacteria and yeast. This is Mother Nature’s way of really “vaccinating” your child and building her immunity so she can live safely in this world.
But there’s more!”

“The good news is, YOU are in charge of your health and you can prepare your baby, naturally, for lifelong health!”

“Until Body Ecology began to uncover important research showing differently it was commonly believed that the amniotic fluid in the womb is sterile and germ-free. However, we now know that the amniotic fluid can be infected. Also as the time of birth approaches and as the cervix begins to dilate in preparation for the birth of your baby bacteria from the birth canal begin to enter into the amniotic fluid. Once labor begins these bacteria also cover the body of your baby.
These bacteria also enter your baby’s digestive tract.”

“One would hope that there would only be friendly bacteria in the birth canal but if a baby’s mother doesn’t have plenty of good microflora in her own digestive system and vagina, she won’t be able to pass on healthy bacteria to her baby.”

“Babies who lack an abundance of beneficial bacteria at the beginning of their lives start life with painful gastrointestinal pain like gas, colic and reflux. They can also have infant constipation. They do not develop the necessary immunity and do not have the ability to cleanse out inherited toxins from their parents and grandparents.”

“Because 80% of the immune system is located in the gut associated lymphoid tissue (GALT), babies who do not quickly develop a healthy inner ecosystem in their gut have weakened immunity. They are also more vulnerable to allergies and other more serious problems, including autism”

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